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The Phantom: Aftermath

If you guys want, we can turn this into an RPG. But for now this os just the prolouge of what happened to out characters

Gus Kenobi

The war is over and I finally have some time to rest, but I am depressed to say that Jax still has not come back. I fear that he is lost in space somwhere, struggling to keep alive. I haven't seen Stu since the Star Destroyer exploded. I miss both of them very much. Kaitlyn has retired from all the fighting and I regret that I am soon going to join her. She ened up finding her homeworld, but moved to Onderon with her parents. I am happy for her, but... my homeworld was destroyed during the war. I don't now how, but from the looks of it, many Star Destroyers, including the Emperor's Slave, have crashed on it's surface. The ground there is slowly decaying into moltenn lava and I am afraid to reurn there, but I know I must. The Jedi Order has accepted me as a Jedi Master and I have built a new lightsaber. I'm going to have to go now, as someone is knocking on my door. Goodbye.

Entry 1.4834750.35126.734070

Blast. It was a Sith Assasin. He cloaked himself and attacked when I stuck my head out the door. I had to stab the thing just to break through it's energy shields. Well I'm going now, as I must head back home and face my fears.


Gus's Homeland

Gus junmped out of the ship and looked around. slowly, thew planet was being devoured in a storm of anger and hate. He walked around until he came to the crashed emporer's Slave. Or at least half of it, anyways. He walked inside and was suprised to find that some of the interior was still intact. He knew this was the bridge when he saw the remains of the warp bomb. He walked towards it, and realized that the part of the bridge he was on was above a huge gorge, filled with lava. He peered down through the huge hole and saw the deep gorge. It was filled with lava and- "AAAHHHHHHH!" The floor gave way and grabbed onto the edge to stop from being hurled intot the pit below. He climbed back up and ran throught he ship's remains until he was standing on the part that was on solid ground. "Rise Jedi" Came a deep, shadowy voice from behind him. He tuirned to find.... Sion. "What to you want!?" That was self-explanetory. he junped up and stabbed his ignited saber at Gus's chest. Gus just barely dodged and quickly used Force Storm ( Force Lightning, but more powerful )
Sion fell back and gasped for air. He stood and slashed at Gus's chest. ZINNGGG. Saber lock. Gus looked into Sion's eyes and pushed with all his might. Sion was thrown back and he stumbled over twice and fell through the hole and intot he lava. Gus took off his torn and tatered Jedi Knight robes and set them on the ground. Only his grey tunic remained to cover his upper body. His pants and tunic absorbed the heat from the lava as he headed back to the ship. He sat down at the controls and took off. He pulled out a detonator and the bomb in his robes went off. The Proton Core xploded in a burst of flames and engulfed the planet.

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