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Hello...mind if I join in?

You know you are obsessed with Psychonauts when
-you violate your school/work's telecommunication policies because you just had to sign up on the fanlisting
-have taken to wearing googles while playing the game
-now refer to your poor friend Joey as Slowy Joey
-you have at least once called someone a figgy piggy
-you have threatened someone with bodily harm for saying that the game sucks
-you have threatened someone with pyrokinesis
-you have at least once struck Raz's merit badge pose when something really great has happened
-you have at least considered telling your friends that you were sent to Whispering Pines instead of whatever you did this summer that made you unavailable
-have the Psychonauts cards for your computer Solitaire
-you have Sasha's song as your ringtone
-you have asked someone if they are the milkman
-you are now wary of Girl Scouts
-you have a certain alotted amount of time that you must play PER DAY to feel normal
-you have experienced sleep deprivation as a result of playing late into the night

Well that's all for now. I have more but at the moment I am suffering from sleep deprivation and I'm kind on the verge of falling asleep on the keyboard so yea...for now that concludes my ranting.
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