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Originally Posted by Archangel WT
Meow! The mod is really cool, but there are few questions, that bother me:

1 - Am I glitching, or there are really all FEAT animations but no default ATTACK one? =(
2 - Why Lord Vader has the skirt under his coat? =/ Does'nt he got just NORMAL pants?
3 - When you will release the new version?

And, I think, that the mod should come with a custom saber and some all-new Force Choke, that will be MUCH more powerful, that the game's default, and even maybe Crush...

P.S. I think, that your FEAT/FLUORISH anims need a little slow-down...
O_o His flourish is just the one Malak uses in K1, you cant expect everything to be correct about the character afterall he basically retextured the whole thing, and there is a 'normal attack' animation but only for Humanoids as the Malak/Nihilus Template wasn't made to fight things like Mining Droids and Bomas. I think I know what I'm talking about. O_O

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