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I thought, that fighting droids/bomas uses the same anim, that is for ranged opponents... =/ The default one. While Malak was spotted only in fighting with dueling anims... (Which I can not say about Nihilus, who must've been able to attack Mandalore directly.. Or am I mistaken? Either way, the anims for melee duel fight and ranged opponents are different )

And, BTW, the model was custom created? I haven't seen any thing, that could be retextured for Vader... =/ Anyways, it is possible to change it a little near the legs to make him look more realistic...

His electronics texture on chest needs a little alteration too... The coat and helm are looking O.K., and I hope, no one will complain about DS/LS transition, 'but it can be done by making a default Anakin character (I think, that there are few average at pcgamemods, and it will cause no problems with a animation at the start of the game) and at the second transition just make him permanently equip such armor by Canderous-kind-of script... This would be GREAT, but it needs lot of work, will broke other characters and it's just an idea - nothing more. =|

And I just say, that this mod release is VERY GOOD for BETA! About the sabers - I think, that is better to forbid him using a offhand AT ALL, like Kreia. Lord Vader will look ugly with dual or two lightsabers EVEN if someone will supply the anims! And there's definetly must be his own lightsaber with enchanced stats...

P.S. Does anyone have high-polygon Vader's saber model? I surfed the net, but high-poly saber hilts were only for the 1-st KOTOR Obi and Qui...
And I just can't made one by myself due to the lack of resources and 3D modelling skillZ.

Please correct if mistaken in anything... I'm not such a skilled moder for KOTOR... Still I love this game. =)
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