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This is strange talking about rural areas and whatnot. Where I grew up it was of to the side of a city, near a beach, but it was so tiny. Nothing happened there, it seemed untouched by the city. But then I moved and now it's in disrepair.

When I first moved here it was a TINY town. Really really tiny, but with millions of roads it's now becoming a city unto itself. I really have no problem with it but all the same I'm going to move out, Truth be told I don't like staying in one place too long. I hate brand new areas and I hate really old areas. I need a middle area and when that middle leans too far to one side I'm ready to get up and moving.

Unfortunantly I will never have that option. Well...only if I live in a mobile home but I know my parents would never approve of that. Just mentioning it to them sets them on edge. They have big plans for my tv worldwide acting news career. Or something like that. When I picture myself living alone, I see myself living in a mobile trailer, somewhere with a lot of trees, always a bit on the cold side. The place has a lot of people but also in trailers.

Hmm...sounds like I'm aiming for white trash. I just think it's interesting to see different people and live different lifestyles.

Last thing that I need to bother you all dream career would be in a small band with my friends and being a struggling artist.

Now I'm starting to see why people laugh at my ideas.
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