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Originally Posted by Leviathan
Ki-Adi-Mundi wasn't a Jedi Master, even though he gathered to the Jedi Council, and he was polygamist... (His species, more generally...)
Yeah that's one of those "EU now debunked by cannon" things. As we know from ROTS now, Ki Adi Mundi was always a Jedi Master while he was on the Jedi Council. We know that from when Anakin said that he was the first ever.

Furthermore, Ki Adi Mundi's species was endangered. Therefore, to keep them in the living Force, he was granted a concession from the Jedi Order to help his population by being married and have a family.

Q: What was Leia's Noghri title?

A question that doesn't count for anything, but something I've always wondered:
Does Kyle Katarn appear in any EU media other than the dark forces games/books/comics? Is he in the NJO stories ever?

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