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Here's My Boyd Fanfiction

Here's my CrispinVSFred Thing
(It's not up anywhere.)

Wow. This took me a long time to write and it's so short. I wonder why. I guess everything looks longer in writing.

Tell me what you think of it blah..whatever. Seriously diss it if you want to. Concrit is good. Remember, I like to have my writing nitpicked upon. That way I can become a better writer.

Damn, this is old. And I'm a hypocrite

Fred VS Crispin

“Crispin, this is Waterloo-o.” Fred dropped the box on the table. “My friends gave it to me as a joke because my last name is Bonaparte and well…well…uh you know.”

Crispin was not amused.

Regardless, Fred took of the lid, arranging the board as he explained the rules. “This is my knight. You have one too but you’ll be on the defensive. I need to get my knight into here.” He pointed towards the slightly torn paper castle before he went on. “Now this is my peasant, and this is your soldier.” Cautiously he placed the piece in front of the detainee, studying for any reaction.

Relief swelled into him as Crispin finally acknowledged his existance. However that was quickly dashed as Crispin leaned over the table and picked up a piece with his mouth. Fred didn’t know how to take this at all and offered the only help he could. “Do you want me to…”

Crispin had taken no notice to Fred’s mortification and went right on, not even bothering to take the piece out of his mouth, preferring to talk quite clearly through clenched teeth. “No, I want you to start.”

Leaning back in the chair allowed Fred to relax a bit from this sudden onslaught. “Once I finish telling you the rules. The carpenter is the only piece allowed out. The peasent can’t come out unless you get a certain item for them. Once you destroy all of the other’s side peasents or soldiers your knight can storm the castle.”

“Sounds Easy.” Crispin shrugged and started leaning in for the dice.

“Wait no!” Fred snatched them away. “No…not yet. Not yet…” He began to breathe deeply, something he told the asylum prisoners to do when they couldn’t control themselves.

“Well, this is interesting. However I do have other things planned for today. I think I have another session in the art room today or so I have heard.”

“Alright, I’ll start.” Fred said, and so they began.

They were an odd pair in an even odder situation. Crispin was propped up on a few books thus enabling him to at least look at the game board; while Fred’s legs were tucked on underneath his chair so his kness would not interfere his view. Despite all this, despite Crispin’s previous hostility Fred felt himself relaxing. After all it was a simple round of his favorite game.
And, well it was interesting if nothing else. It was truly an amazing sight to see his opponent play without hands, something Fred thought neccesary to play a board game.
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