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Marin: If I were chosen as a leader? Well - the reason we're even picking leaders is because we're constantly close to falling apart as a group. Some of us have been together for over a year and yet... we're not friends. We hardly know each other, even after all that. We're all to blame for that, even me. Now, I'd do everything I could do decrease this tension. Of course... I'm going to do that anyway.

Now, if you want me to go through the other questions... *She thinks for a moment* I asked you if you'd acted as a leader before. My answer to that is yes - I've had to. Never on a scale like this, though. I've had to fend for myself for a long time. I'm a daughter of a diplomat... and that can get weird, where I come from. When I was on the run before I came here, I was the de facto leader of a small group of people, half younger than me, half adults... but I was mostly followed because I knew what was going on, and I was most able to help them escape. And I did, more or less, although I landed Aidan and I here...

And what do I think would make a good leader? The ability to inspire. The ability to handle the people you need to lead. Rapport. Which is what I think is what is lacking here... and why we're choosing leaders in the first place.

*She shakes her head*

I fail on that account myself. I mean... like I said. For the last year I was just another wallflower. I couldn't tell you much about, say, Raschel, or Orthos, or Hal, or Red Irvine... I mean, Sir-Vin. Because I didn't know anything about them when I came here and I didn't try to find out. I can't do that anymore. If we're going to finish this... I think we're all going to have to change.

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