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This reminds me of another fic I need to write. I had someone request "Raz + parents angst" from, last summer (*whistles innocently*)...but I never did finish it. I'm still planning to, because writing from Raz's Dad's POV is fun and awesome (if hard. The poor guy only has what, four lines? Five? Woe.), but I think I need to go back and trash at least half of what I had written and try a different angle or two.

So, yeah. Have to write the Sasha/Milla fic for shinzuku (probably next week)...then we'll see which comes first, the Raz's Dad fic or the SuperBestFriends one. That one's threatening to turn sort of Edgar/Gloria, too...or maybe I actually have two SuperBestFriends ideas running around. I don't know. My brain is a confusing place.
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