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Originally Posted by Wildstar
The problem is that XvT and XWA need a 16-bit loader to load the installation program (which is 32-bit and otherwise compatible) and, as you might have figured out, the 64-bit XP doesn't natively support 16-bit code. Research into the problem is going on @ the XWA Upgrade Project and we will let you know if we find a workaround.
Thats wierd that you can't get them to work in compat mode...
Thats basically what compat mode is for, running 16 and 32-bit apps on a 64-bit version of Win.... Have you consulted your Win. doc.'s for help on the compat. part?

you may need to make a new autoexec.bat file and a new config file for these games to be compat... don't know if that will help or not, I'm not using the 64-bit version...

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