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Ceci, Rio, and Cathy are random people Milla knows.

Amari is Milla's crazy and married cousin. (Her mind is a loud place with a merry-go-round if you are there to long, your astral-projection will get stuck in herhead, and your body will be left Motionless.)

Tsuki is army girl and is Olender's girlfriend. she loves to record stuff. She's japanese, has two bunnies, has boots with metal spikes on the end, is 28, looks 12, her dad was in the core. (Her mind is split into two haves A happy side and A hardcore side. The schools in the middle of her mind is divided between military school and elementry school. Complex when you first meet her- She dresses like she's eight when she's nice, and dresses like a boy when she's mean. She would knid of change personalities, but not really.)

Amy is Milla's gallpal at the agency. She is agent Yashi. She is dating her partner Jim. Rank 75.(Her mind is has nothing really wrong with it. Her major flaw is her she gets into trouble alot and.)

Other people without pictures

John Katsumi, Amy's partner.

Roami Periz Amari's boyfriend (originally named Amaro, before Amari was named.

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