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JK/MotS Editing has only just begun

From making new levels to programming new tools to helping others in the chat room, many people (including myself) find editing JK to be very rewarding. We also find many things lacking in the editing community, such as an organized place for sharing of resources, editing tools for many areas of JK, an easy way to see what projects are being worked on, and a better way to share and expand on reference materials.

Just over a year ago, I created a very small site (which could not run scripts) with the goal of catching someone else's interest so it would be moved to a server with scripting capability. Soon afterward, the JK Editing Hub (or JKHub or Hub, for short) was moved to another editor's server where we were able to begin work on the Project pages. Eventually, the site moved to the Massassi Temple's server, where it shares in bringing the JK editing community together.

As an extension to the Hub, the #jkhub chat room (on is the JK editors' hangout. Editors often discuss new level and mod ideas, beta-test each other's projects, and sometimes even play a few games.

JK is old, but we like the relative ease and flexibility of editing the game. Many of us still like to play the game even after playing newer games.

Come join in the fun. We have only just begun.

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