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How to Create a Server

This will tell you how to create a Server without Reading that Long thread
(This is the Simple Version for Basic Users, If you want to go a little more advanced then Read the Other Long Thread)

1) Open Notepad or another Text editor Program and Put this into it:
"<LOCATION OF YOUR STARWARSBATTLEFRONT2FOLDER>\GameData\BattlefrontIIEngBeta.exe" /nointro /win /norender /autonet dedicated /resolution 320 240 /nosound /throttle <See /throttle Below> /gamename <NAME OF YOUR SERVER> /playerlimit <Max Number of Players> /noaim /adminpw <Enter a password you will remember> /playercount <How many Players must be in the Server before the Game Starts> /noteamdamage /<sideselect or autoassign> /bots <number of Bots> /difficulty <Difficulty Level (1-3)> /pregametime <Number of Seconds for Warmup time> /password <Game Password If wanted (If not Remove /password and this> /hrunlock <What Mode of Unlock you Want (See Below)> /hrunlockvalue <How many of what you chose for hrunlock> /hrrespawn 2 /hrrespawnvalue <Respawn time for the Hero> /spawn <Time of Spawn Invincibility> /randomize <MAPS>
2)Edit the Information That needs Editing (DO NOT Leave the "<" ">")
The Codes (DO NOT leave the "[" "]"'s In!):
/win - Run the game in windowed mode

/norender - Disables rendering on your server machine

/nosound - Disables sounds on your server machine

/autonet dedicated - Dedicated server, for Non-Dedicated Replace "dedicated" with listen and Remove /resolution, /win, and /norender

/resolution [width height] - Sets the resolution for the server window

/gamename [Name] - Sets the server name

/playerlimit [#] - Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server

/playercount [#] - Sets the minimum number of players required for the round to begin

/noteamdamage - Turns Friendly Fire off (on by default)

/difficulty [1,2,3] - Sets the difficulty level of bots, where 1 = Easy, 2 = Medium and 3 = Hard

/throttle [Bandwidth] - Sets the maximum bandwidth per client (in KB) for the server

/tps [#] - Sets the tick rate for the server. This determines the maximum FPS for clients

/lan - Creates a LAN server (default is Internet)

/nonames - Disables displaying player names (default is names enabled)

/heroes - Enables Heroes (default is no heroes)

/password [Password] - Assigns the provided password to the server, clients need to use this password to join

/sideselect - Lets Players Choose there team, For autosign replace with /autoassign

/randomize - randomize map rotation, leave out to turn off

/bots [#] - Determine the number of bots to add to the server

/nointro - Skips the introductory logos when the game loads up

/hrunlock 2 -sets heros unlock mode. 1=kills, 2=points

/hrunlockvalue 15 - Set the threshold of the unlock. In this case, first team with a member to reach 15 points

/hrplayer 1 -sets the 'award' mode for who gets the hero. In this case, the player with the most points. Range: (top player) 1-7 (worst player)

/hrteam 3 - sets which teams get heroes. In this case, both teams, seperately. (means that there can be both factions' heroes on the field at the same time, but not always)

/hrrespawn 2 - honestly, I don't know what this does, so leave it at 2. I do know that it has to be in there.

/hrrespawnvalue 30 -sets the time on respawning for the hero. 30 seconds here I think.

/pregametime [#] - Sets the "Game will start in..." Time
Map Codes:

- uta1g_1flag = Rebels vs Empire Capture the flag
- uta1c_1flag = Republic vs CSI Capture the flag
- uta1g_con = Rebels vs Empire Conquest
- uta1c_con = CSI vs Republic Conquest

Tantive IV

- tan1c_con = Republic vs CSI Conquest
- tan1g_con = Rebels vs Empire Conquest
- tan1c_1flag = Republic vs CSI Capture the flag
- tan1g_1flag = Rebels vs Empire Capture the flag

Space Yavin

- spa1g_1flag = Empire vs Rebels Capture the flag
- spa1g_ass = Empire vs Rebels Assault
3) Save the File into your GameData Folder with <All Files> in the Selection Box thingy and when saving it Name it <Whatever you Want>.bat

4) Double click on the BAT File and Your Server should Start

If you need anything Email me at:
The more Questions I get the More Information will be added

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