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well.. I've been playing adv games since police quest 1 (in pursuit of the death angel) if I'm not mistaken... and fell in love with every sierra's quest games...
Codename Iceman is cool... but got stuck in the submarine battle... it's just awful hard.
I also lost my interest in the police quest series since the main character changed, (no more Sonny Bond) then colonel bequest and other laura bow series... Gabriel knight is great too....I even played Freddy Pharkas, King Arthur, etc, never missed them.
then again LucasArts' games never skipped my attention since Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones series, and Zak Mc Kraken..., Full Throttle, The Dig, Loom... they're just outstanding. Now I tried to wrap up Escape from Monkey Island (still in Jambalaya Island wondering how the hell could I lift the heavy boulder). I heard a rumour that Sierra didn't produce any more adventure games ?... is it true ?, how sad.....
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