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Question The future of LucasArts

Does anybody out there concern about the future of LucasArts? I mean, they are totally losing it, when just about 9/10 games they produce are those crappy Star Wars games? I've a feeling they're going the same way as Sierra did/does. They have totally abandoned the adventure genre (which I think were what they did by quitting on Leisure Suit Larry. Where were their brains when they fired Al Lowe? Buried in a pile of hard cash, I fear). But hear me...

LucasArts! Do Not Make The Same Mistake!!

We've lost one of our pathetic heroes in Larry, We NEED Guybrush to get us through these painful times!!!

Anyone has the same thought?

(Ok--- I admit, I don't like the Star Wars games... however, I love the movies)

If only we had as much graphic adventure games as Star Wars Games!!
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