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Originally Posted by Klia
I do have a snippet from my fanfiction. Well, before I scrapped it so Paranoidish and I can collab on it. This is like the idea process for it. When I feel like writing down dialouge or snippets I write it down.

I hope writing down whatever comes to my head works, if not, I'm suing myself.

"He's playing mind games with me." Oleander realized. "Mind games with a Psychonaut."
But Loboto's devilish smile only curled once he saw Oleander's reaction. "But of course, we're not hear to talk about you, we're here for me."

More crap from my head:

His voice was shrill, dipping in and out of various pitches, somehow able to find the right note to cut clean through one's hearing.
Wow, that sounds great already. Hey, if there's any way I can help...

I assume this is a 'How they met' fic?

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