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Originally Posted by Archangel WT
2 - Why Lord Vader has the skirt under his coat? =/ Does'nt he got just NORMAL pants?
Look the movie...
Originally Posted by Archangel WT
His electronics texture on chest needs a little alteration too... The coat and helm are looking O.K., and I hope, no one will complain about DS/LS transition, 'but it can be done by making a default Anakin character (I think, that there are few average at pcgamemods, and it will cause no problems with a animation at the start of the game) and at the second transition just make him permanently equip such armor by Canderous-kind-of script... This would be GREAT, but it needs lot of work, will broke other characters and it's just an idea - nothing more. =|
Good idea - I shall try to make...
Originally Posted by Darth InSidious
adding animations to KotOR or KotOR II is impossible
I can use Hex-Editor... I try to create chains of animations through supermodel...
Originally Posted by Archangel WT
AVol, reply, pliZ, when the new version will be released? 8)
Heh... I am enough occupied recently, therefore it is difficult for me to tell...
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