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Originally Posted by shinzuku
Milla was on the dock when she got kidnapped, but she left a note saying she was on "official psychonauts business." What happened? How could she leave a note is she got taken?
I've been trying to figure that one out for the longest time. I think it's a plot hole. Either that or Morry planted the note he'd get it in her handwriting, though, I don't know.

I don't think Sasha knew Milla was kidnapped, though, because Cruller didn't either--he just knew he couldn't make contact with either of them. I think Sasha just got an "official Psychonauts business" page, dashed off, and got ambushed right outside the GPC by the lungfish. (Although he could've been lured to the asylum like Lili suggested...but I dunno; the GPC entrance/exit is a perfect spot for an ambush, IMHO.)

But, yeah, I ramble. It's a plot hole. Sorry.
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