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Originally Posted by master_skywalke
I think my portable dvd-player must have something like auto-adjust because everything was also normal at ANH.
Perhaps it did. Who knows. I know of some TV sets that have auto-adjusting sound (lots of movies have super quiet and then super loud, I've noticed, which can be a major problem if you're just trying to sit and watch a movie without adjusting the controls constantly), so this doesn't sound far fetched.

The main area where you need the brightness lower in ANH is during the "TIE Fighter attack on the Falcon" scene. There is a distinct shot of a TIE Fighter crossing the scene (at least one, maybe more) that shows a big matte box around it, unless you've darkened things up enough.

The saber clash in ROTJ is the other issue (you need the brightness up). On the 2004 DVD's those are the only parts I've noticed. The rest of the matte boxes that are obvious in ROTJ really can't be fixed this way because they're of a different color than the background (blue or green against a black sky or dark gray of the Death Star II).

Anyway, that's a nice player if it can do that. I hope more players include such a feature in the future!

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