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I know that one face is system/caulk, but it is regular caulk. I checked with the Surface inspector, and the Entity inspector... YES!!! FINALLY!!! I'm in Radiant now, beaming as the compile reaches it's second stage. :woohoo: I hope that's a real smiley here. If not, there should be... I deleted the wall, and resized another wall, which did have caulk on the outside. I made sure it was units thick. What I have trouble with may be a GTK 1.5.0 feature.

When I made the wall, I had caulk active. So, the faces were caulk as well as the inside. To make it simple, I textured the inside side and left the rest caulk, I believe that also included the interior of the wall, which you can only see if you cut it open. So, a paper-thin texture was all the game saw. Not enough! It was the boy that cried, "leak!" and laughed when I feebly tried to solve this puzzle. As a good ol' buddy told me on another forum:

Are you nuttier than a fruitcake??

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