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Hi there THomas Averin

I really feel sorry that you think that way.
To start with I have NEVER asked you to make that CSS site for the PenUltimate.
I made it very clear what was that you could help me with. You never showed up with those snapshots I asked for, and now I have to do it all by myself.

This is not a competition. Knowledge of web programming and CSS doesn't make you a better webmaster. I have two brilliant programmers working on The Dig Museum which are doing a great job.
I know it may don't look that way but I take this site very seriously.
I honestly thought that despite your age you were mature enough. Maybe I was wrong.

Just for the record you wasn't the first volunteer, that was Andrew "ATMachine" Ervin.

If you are willing to keep working on The Dig Museum, you will have your space waiting for you.

- Sam

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