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Yeah I thought about it but I wanted a character that comforted Milla other than Sasha (in which we still havn't seen him do?) It was a yr before Raz got in camp and then Ray was one o' the only people there. But the powerful I'll change. He was not gon' be the youngest psychonaut but he was still pretty powerful. Now how do like him and if somethings bad word it as clearly as you can I don't welcome criticism but I can take it. But the asylum thing they had a smaller portion for him to where he couldn't get hurt. But he was still given the best help he could. Have you noticed that pretty much every in this game has a little bit of insanity in them or in their blood. I just thought about that. And even Sasha. Remember "Iam Yon Yonson. I live in Wisconson. ext."

You have the insanity of a MANATEE!!!!!!11

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