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Red face

Sounds like an idiot...

Two possibilities

1) He's a big fat stinking liar (I'm going to put my money on this one). Why lie? To make people jealous that's why. We all want to play these "new" maps. The same thing happened quite a bit in the kaillera community. People love to pretend they are playing something and can't let others in because they're not cool enough. They refuse to furnish proof, but dangle it in our faces to try to start something.

2) He's part of a higher level beta testing team that has access to a later beta version than we do. If so, why's he acting so immature and bratty about it. Sounds like he isn't exactly high grade material. A real tester would be worried about losing his right to the beta by being so public about something that should probably be kept more secret.

As we both know, ANYBODY can host a game with ANY game mode, if they know the commands, but nobody can PLAY it, because the MAPS that are REQUIRED for those modes to work AREN'T IN THE BETA!

Even if somehow a person had the full version of the game right now. Complete, all maps, etc. And he hosts a game.. nobody could play with him, because they just have the beta, which lacks the assets needed for those maps. The beta has the loading screens for those maps, but not the maps themselves.

So if #2 is true, then this guy is flying around BY HIMSELF on these maps. Wow, what fun. Great way to test the beta. I think some of us got the idea that a new beta version was coming soon and these were "leaks" coming from people that were the first to get the new beta. But we have no word on that, period, just rumors. Obviously the internal beta testers at Pandemic/LucasArts have access to more of the game than we do. The public test is limited for a reason (easier to keep track of one set of files being tested than having lots of random stuff floating around that doesn't need testing, inflates downloads, etc). Perhaps Pandemic did hire some idiots, and they've leaked the info without their conset. Who knows. But I'm more inclined to think he's just making crap up to get our goat. Lots of people make up info about being game insiders, because it makes them feel important and gets others to look up to them.

Insiders exist, but then so do fakers. So there's a strong possibility.

So anyone claiming to play these maps is either higher up the totem pole than we are (in which case I'd expect a more professional attitude or at least more secrecy, not in-your-face bragging and snotty elitism) or else they are flat out BSing.

This stuff about a map being "locked" is plainly BS. You can look in your directory folders and see that the maps don't exist. You can't play a map that you don't have, simple as that.

If somebody is going to make audacious claims or use it to puff themselves up to the rest of us, they need to furnish proof (put up or shut up), and realize we have a right to be skeptical!

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