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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
Walking through the forest is very estimulating until you walk right into one of those human-sized spiderwebs with one of those fat, angry garden spiders resting in the middle with her eggs. Then it can become somewhat disconcerting. That sort of thing won't happen to you as much when cruising pubs.
Well, walking into pubs has got many dangers of its own; but compared to spiders, they cease to be important.

I tend to go to a small town called Miramar on my vacations (I think I have mentioned this already), which has got a great scenery, on one side you have the beach (I'm not a particular fan of beaches, but they are a nice to watch), on another you've got high cliffs wich directly fall into the ocean, a nice oldish city, and finally a great amount of woods & forest. That, in my opinion, is the perfect mixture of estimulating places, and the forest are similar to that place you described.
Living in (near, in your case) St. Louis must be nice, I have a sudden interest in visiting it now...

another thing I love to do, as I mentioned earlier, is going on a roadtrip. There is nothing more relaxing than just drive (or be in the back seat) of a car. Though I'm not legally allowed to drive yet, I'm waiting for the time I can, and just drive away on my free time.
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