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Originally Posted by Ray_the_psychic
Okay and I would just like to point out that Boyd has some Facked Up issues!
But alright Sasha does not have a comforting side.
No Thorney Towers is for the mentally ill who wanna get killed. Hey that rhymes yay!!
Alright concussion, but there's gotta be a hint of insanity in there. It is only that our sanitys are balanced by insanity. (Ex. If you are 50 percent sanity then you are 50 percent insanity. You have your sanity in there so the rest of it is insanity.)
So Sasha is about 95 percent sanity. So he is 5 percent insanity so he does have insanity in him! YAY!!!!!!!! I've discovered the lost puzzle of insanity! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I still don't agree!!!!!!!! YAY!

Since when was Thorney Towers a place for depressed, suicidal people? And not everything has to be sane/insane, black/white. SHADES. OF GREY. GRAY. A or E.

Of course Boyd is facked up, silly. He's at an insane asylum! :3

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