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I just played the beta, and the fetts are very weak! Han Solo is much better (the map with two of them). about 3-4 clicks from the blaster and fett is dead. Where Boba has to keep on shooting, or should i say chasing. I think the fetts are no differnt than the dark/jet soldiers, just stronger armor and a little more gas. The thing is that the jedi/sith has a blocking ability, they can reflect about any shot, which gives them a very, very, high advantage point. Well when i see you on the battle field, we will see how much juice your fetts have over a jedi/sith, or even Han.

Even in the movies, The Fetts got pwned by the jedis without a sweat!

Btw... show me writen evidence, heck do a poll, to prove "A large number of people would choose the Fetts over a Jedi or a Sith."
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