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Hmm, sorry but this wasn't very helpful. All it did was take my batch file and erase everything in it.

I couldn't choose any options. I tried creating a new one, but it didn't have anything in it when done except the location of the exe file.

I thought this program was going to be like some other server launchers wherein it was an exe file, that when launched brought up a window with checkboxes. You put up all the options you wanted, saved the file from within the program and launched it, and that you could then load and launch various batch files from it.

Instead it looks more like you've just helped the people who don't know how to rename a txt file to .bat and a listing of the possible commands. Am I missing something? How is this more helpful than just reading the thread and piecing it together on your own? If I am I misunderstanding this, I apologize...

Basically all I can do is create the batch file, and then it's done. There's nothing more it lets me do!

Also it doesn't save the directories when locating files, so it takes awhile to locate the files each and every time, which is somewhat annoying if the point of the program is to save time creating these things!

Anyway, hope you take that constructively or show me where I'm wrong!

Also I think this portion is in error:

-Capture the Flag maps

/~Utapau Rebel vs Empire Capture the Flag
/:Capture the Flag mode between the Rebels and the Empire on Utapau.
\~Captured Flags
\:The amount of caputred flags needed for the Empire to win the round.
\~Captured Flags
\:The amount of caputred flags needed for the Rebels to win the round.
(from the command line arguments.txt). First off "captured" is misspelled, but also the number after the command, ex:

uta1g_1flag 200 200
The numbers are the number of reinforcements, NOT the number of captures. I honeslty don't know how to change the number of captures. It's always just the first team to 5 caps wins.

Rather than describing the sides as "number of kills needed to win" it should just be "the number of respawns available to the team" or something of that nature. Having "200 tickets" really just means you have 200 "lives" for your team to use until you lose. Now of course there are other ways to lose tickets, such as having your control points captured (in conquest), which is why they say "our reinforcements are being drained/cut off/we're losing reinforcements" etc. Killing your self or your teammates contributes to losing the tickets as well.

In Conquest your team loses under two conditions:

1) You run out of tickets before the other team (ie: your army wiped out completely).

2) All the control points on the map are captured for a certain period of time (Victory in ... 10... 9... 8... etc).

In Assault however, (space map) the team who destroys all the enemy targets AND gets 180 kills wins, regardless of how many tickets are left (though of course if a team runs out of tickets first, they automatically lose). So you could have 1500 units each and still lose because your targets were all destroyed and you lost 180 units.

In CTF its based on captures, but again, theoretically if you lose all your troops, you lose. But with only 5 captures, chances are you'll lose based on that 99% of the time rather than on tickets (unless the server set it really low for some reason, but 200 should "never" run out first).

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