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Niaj Qad Keep

In a time before the clone wars, there was a planet that does not still exist in the star wars galaxy. This legend planet Niaj Qad, was fairly dirtlike, but was hard as rock. Within it, one of the first jedi councils, one where young jedi would learn the art of the force, was rumored to exist.

Rumors are not always a good thing, for the Civic Empire got wind of this, and decided that if an army of "jedi" with as much power as told was created, they would overthrow their rule on the galaxy. The best way to solve this was to prevent it from happening.

So the Empire sent down a large army of their most brutal troops to destroy the Jedi Keep. As the council realized that enemies had surrounded the entire keep (nearly a mile of enemy lines), they had instructed all young jedi in training to report to the main back upper hideout. This was the most secure area in the keep, and the Civic troops would not be able to find it without first killing all the senior jedi. If the hideout fell, all hope of a full future jedi council was lost.

Commander Eptima, a General in the Civic Empire was transporting a large cargo (approx. 800, including weapons and vehicles) to one of the Civic Bases on Naboo, when he was given new orders to deploy the troops on Niaj Qad and join up with the other posted army to attack the Keep. Eptima was secretly astonished by the Civic Empire's treachery, and came to agreement with the onboard soldiers that they would instead become traitors and attack the Civic's already posted army (actually, one disagreed, bet he's dead now) Commander Eptima plotted the flight vehicles to attack head on, and the ground units to be deployed along a canyon to the east of the plain where the battle would be taking place. Now, you can play.


-Civic Army-
NA-AT: kind of like a tank only it fires large, devestating electrical balls and slot launch, rather than a cannon.
AO-OT: long hovering vehicle with large outer skull, much like a battering ram, two small cannons on either side
Speeder Bike: (less modernized)
RIG fighters: flat disk-like starfighters
Grand Starfighters: outmatches the RIG fighters by speed and firepower, long and curved
Piercers: (see #8)

-Eptima's Army-
TIT-AT: much like an IT-TE, main cannons shoot combustion missles
Civic Hovercraft: transportation only, holds up to 15 troops
Civic Starfighter: the trusters come in front on both sides, like pinchers, and the blasters are in between, much faster than the RIG fighters
Orbital Destroyer: big, floating boxes that fire Orbital Blasts on transmission, kept at a safe distance

-Jedi Council-
Defence Cannon: take the appearance of a Geonosian cannon but shoot small bombs that explode on contact
Router Bombs: giant vehicle bombs that the jedi drive out to the enemy vehicles and eject 3 seconds before detonation
Window Launchers: standard anti-aircraft missle launchers that are positioned under the overhangs of the keep, designed to lock onto enemy aircraft with a salvo that splits up to attack the enemy at all angles, unfortunately, the Jedi found that they were low on missles and began to shoot only one at a time
Jedi Starfighter: (less modernized)

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