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Originally Posted by McCusto
There must be a code to load hero mode in the beta, what is it? Does anyone know?
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The trouble is you can't join, the map doesn't exist in the beta. So you can look at the models (like in the gif file but in higher quality!) and that's about it. The "map" is just a black box placeholder (you can see the loading screen as you start up though, like all the other missing maps). People can log onto the server but not spawn to play.

Get a hex editor like UltraEdit 32. I'm no expert in it, but with SWBF1, kinguru and some other guys were able to hack out quite a few things before the official tools were released. I don't know though if the beta is even editable. It may simply not be (as for example the JA demo was not). Ie: modify something and it will just crash, rather than let you run modifications.

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