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Well, first off, sorry if you guys don't like it. The program is for not having to remember or type in all the commands. I do not know how to get stats from an open server or send commands to that server. If someone knows a place on the net that has that information, please send me the link. The real strength of the program I think, is its inputed text file. Anyone can change it to add their commonly used commands or remove ones he or she never uses. To create batch files to run server for other games, all you need to do is create a different input text file. An updated text file is HERE or just download the zip again.

Clicking the checkmark locks its text fields. If you want to edit the text field again, uncheck the check mark. What other glitches did you come across?

For Kurgan: I'm not sure why you couldn't choose any options. Was there no options being displayed or was it when you clicked on a check box, nothing happened? As for saving the locations of your files, yes I was going to add that. My amount of school work suddenly jumped up and I didn't have much time to work on the program. I wanted to get it out before SWBF2. When SWBF2 comes out, everyone will just use: . At least you can pass in the text file so you don't need to select it every time.

For yellowblood: you need to run the .jar file not extract/open it with WinRAR. If you have any type of Java Virtural Machine (JVM) installed, you should be able to double-click on it and the program will run. If WinRAR opens it when you double-click, try right clicking on it and selecting 'Open With...' then pick something that looks like Java.exe, JVM, or Java Standard Binary.

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