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Originally Posted by CaptainSkye
Id have to agree with you on that. Indeed, its very relaxing. My dad and I take road trips occasionally. When we do, it's general about 5 hours away to upstate NY, during which we listen to Sherlock Holmes stories on cassette, and consume excessive amounts of bubble gum (the tradition started when we bought gum to keep our ears from popping when we went to Vermont, which plays host to some higher altitude roadways).

Generally, I prefer the actual drive as opposed to the visit at the destination. When I scrounge up a means of transportation, It'll be great to get to know the road a little better.
We usually do the same, but put either music or other sort of radio serials on the stereo.

But at least St. Louis has it's own type of pizza. Which is also the best pizza. There's New York(pan crust with mozzarella), there's Chicago(deep dish with all kinds of cheese the majority of which is mozzarella), and the great St. Louis pizza (flat, crisp and flaky crust with PROVELONE cheese. Us St. Louisans seemed to be the only ones quick enough to catch onto the fact that provelone tastes much better than mozzarella on pizza.) Of course there's also California pizza, but that's not really pizza anyway
That Pizza must be great. You know, I've been told that many tourist enjoy the pizza we make down here quite a lot.
Nice description of your city, by the way. I've been to Georgia (don't ask why) some time ago, and if St. Louis is something like those rural areas, then it must be very nice.
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