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As well as critiquing, machievalli will be posting reviews over at SWK
Hopefully, by drawing attention to the stories he decides to write reviews on, we can bring more traffic here to these Forums so that they can enjoy the stories all of you have written

Think of it as a Siskel & "whoever" or an "E!" exclusive

We already do this for the modders of Holowan, so we wanted to give a bit of the limelight to the other talented artists here who decided to go a different route than modding...

SWK is the Gateway to StarWarsKnights Forums (this portion of Lucasforums)... and we want visitors to realize that these forums offer much more than just game tips, techniques & mods.

While I can congratulate machievalli on his future role here & at SWK, I'd like to also thank & congratulate all of the talented writers here for making it possible for us to offer more than just "game tips" and hopefully SWK can return the favor by getting some more readers out there for ya'

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