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Well when you think about it, Alderaan would be just as likely a candidate for a map in SWBF2 as any other. Those extra planets like Mygeeto, Polis Massa, Felucia, etc. they are barely shown at all in the movie, and yet they're included. Besides, doing a space battle around Alderaan would be no big deal (just a new planet graphic).

Corellia on the other hand is never shown, ever, it's only implied that such a planet exists because there are some space ships named after it (Han Solo mentions "the big Corellian ships" in ANH). Then again if we didn't have Han's EU backstory, we could just as likely assume that "Corellia" was an alien species, a corporation, a brand name, etc.

Considering the lack of commitment to movie accuracy in the SWBF series thus far, I don't think its such a big deal. Anyway, looks like the chances of seeing an Alderaan map are pretty much zero for now, since they haven't said anything, unless they were secretly working on it and plan to release it with a patch later (a la "Jabba's Palace").

Anyway, I think we have the list of maps now (unless they surprise us with something new at the last minute!).

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