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It's interesting VV, that every fan-writer I have ever read hopes for that big break. I hope it will through this book for me, but I have hoped it for every story and book I have written for three decades.
But up until now, fan-fic has been passed from hand to grubby hand, from the badly typed and handwritten crap I saw when Star Trek was on the air in Original release, to the mimeographed stuff of the 70s, to the e-mail of now. I wrote a Fan fic back then. 1973. A new Starship in the Star Trek series. A small ship with only one purpose, to kick butt. But the engines were too powerful.
Sound familiar? I just described the Defiant from Deep Space 9.
You see, only two people saw that original story of mine. Don't you want people to look for your stuff if it is at all good?
What I am doing in my own ham-handed way is to scream at passersby 'Hey, read this guy's stuff! It's good!'
Maybe one day an agent will look at one of the sites I will review (Yes, Virginia, your critic will be going to other sites as well to bring back the best) and say 'these are good kids who deserve a chance'.
But maybe I should follow it with the sarcastic line from Army of Darkness 'Yeah. Maybe I'm a Chinese Jet Pilot'.
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