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Name: Gus Kenobi
Age: 28
Faction: Jedi Council
Class: Jedi Master
Equipment: One Green saber, Black Jedi Master Robes
Strengths: Acroabtic Lightsaber Combat, Force Powers, Will, Stealth
Weakness: Blaster Skills, Piloting Airborne crafts, Explosives
Bio: After the battle for sector 64, and the epic saga of the evil Phantom, Gus and Kaitlyn, his girlfreind, decided to leave the Rebels and go to the place where they were needed: The Jedi Council. After many years of harsh training, Gus officialy became a Jedi Master.... But alas, he left in search of his parents. He wondered the galaxy for many years. He finally found them, on the most unexpected place... The destroyed ruins of Exar Kun's tomb. They were dead. It looked like they had died just recently. He was angry, but his darkness deep within him controlled his emotions.(See the Phantom RPGs) He left in search of Kailtny, but he could not find her. Finally, he gave up and went back to the jedi.

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