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(Hey Rennegade this is set before the Clone wars so our whole phantom stuff hasn't happened yet, heck our guys havnt even been born)

Zion looked through his binoculars. He could see the aproaching army coming at them with great pace. He looked down at the Jedi soldiers.
"Ready the cannons" He heard a voice yell
Zion watched as some Jedi manned router bombs. That job was suicide. Even if you managed to eject you had to fight of a hoard of enemies. Even if you were a jedi you would have little chance of surviving. Zion saw a young boy refusing to get into one. He was being threatened with execution on the grounds of being a traitor when Zion said
"I will go in his place"
They looked up and him
"yes, me"
They shurgged and threw the boy to the side. The boy looked terrified. Zion picked him up and patted him on the soldier. Zion got in. He was not good at driving these things but he could fight his way back. Zion drove out. He could see the first hoard of enemys. He drove off. He dodged fire and and men. He got to the heart of the formation and ejected....he flew through the air and the bomb went off. The explosion killed quite a few of the soldiers. Zion backed away, he was in anger of being surrounded. He dodged fire and ran. He cut at people along the way. He did not aim to kill but aimed to disarm or scare. One man he stabbed in the shoulder. The man had not realied it, but his armour slipped off. someone struck at him but he cut their hand. Zion skidded. He had heard a voice. He saw a young jedi about to be taken out by a large man with an electro staff. Zion ran and jumped. He blocked the man's attack and threw him backwards. Zion and the boy were surrounded. Zion pulled him to his feet and handed him a lightsaber. The boy ignited it and stared around. Zion shouted out
"If the best fighter can beat me, he can kill us both. If not you will let us reaturn to our base"
A murmour errupted and then a man stepped forwards. He was huge. He had a club in one hand and looked vicous.
"I will fight you....and kill you"
he moved fowards bringing the club up as he did he struck at Zion who dodged. Zion sliced at the club. The club broke into two. The man stumbled and zion seized his chance. He jumped and stabbed the man in the shoulder.The man stood for a few seconds then fell. Zion looked around. He grabbed the boys soldier and led him out of the circle. An angry muttering followed them then someone yelled
Zion broke into a run back to the base....


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