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Spawning on the planet would be kind of cool but a bit impractical, I would be fine with a midspace spawn. The rebels would choose which class of starfighter to spawn as, X-wing or Y-wing, and would attack the Death Star. The imperials could spawn inside of the Death Star and enter ships or man turrets like normal.

Yes the battle would be diffrent from normal battlefront battles, no CP's to capture or reinforcement to deplete, instead each team has infinate respawns and one goal to complete. The rebels must destroy the Death Star, in order to acheive this they must get their proton torpedoes to enter the weak point, you must target it like you would any other enemy objective or unit but you have to wait until you reach a certain point before you fire, if you fire to early or to late your shots won't penetrate. It could be placed at such an angle that you must be in the trench to hit it effectivly.

The Imperials on the other hand must defend the Death Star until it can fire and destroy the planet Yavin IV. The Imperials win if the Death Star is still intact at the end and the rebels win whenever they manage to destroy it.

You might not think so but I think this scenario sounds kind of fun, a bit diffrent from the standerd battlefront style, but diffrent isn't always bad. A short intense space battle might be a fun break from all the long drawn out ones. But it's to late to be talking of such things now, they don't have enough time to add it now and even if they did they probably would not.

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