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Originally Posted by CidCaldensfey
Well, I'm sort of divided on this one. I'll just start off the top.

For a game like this, it being a game based off of battles and such in Star Wars, I think it would have to be a general requirement to include a deathstar battle of some sort. Not necessarily specifically the trench run, however, but maybe something along those lines. The difficulty to produce this however is hard for sure, but for a game like Battlefront, developed by an actual dev team, it is something that should be in the game.

I would find it rather embaressing if the developer can't create a trench run, yet some group of individuals who made a mod were able to recreate it to some extent. And you folks know which mod I'm talking about ;\ And even though it was rather, ah, confusing to take off from the 'platform in the middle of space', it was still something to emulate the trench run to the best of their abilities.

So it's not so much of me saying 'I think the trench run sucks' or rather 'I think the trench run rocked' but rather just the fact of this is a Star Wars game based on Star Wars battles and leaving something which actually did have a very significant role in the film just seems kind of disappointing, if not disheartening.
That is great ideas you mention, I just hope they included both Death Stars with ideas similer to yours.
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