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Dyce watched through the framescreen in his TIT-AT. He couldn't believe what he was about to do, yet he knew he had to do it. What had come over the emperor? Why would he do this? Usually the emperor wanted to maintain peace in the galaxy, and he was positive that the Empire knew that the jedi council would help acomlish this. The emperor himself said he was looking forward to this new army of good. Had the Jedi Council betrayed the Empire? Were they about to sacrifice themselves when actually the jedi were the evil ones?

After a long time they saw nothing but the dull Niaj Qav canyon walls, until eventually the walls got shorter and more fertile. They were approaching the base of the canyon, where the real deal was about to begin. Dyce made a quick systems check and pulled out in front of a few TIT-ATs. He heard Eptima's voice through lots of static.
"Dyce report." "Systems online." and the same old routine. Dyce gave the ground troops orders to move out, and the vehicles to get into position. As they neared the base of the canyon, Dyce saw two large shapes appear on the targeting screen, and Dyce zoomed in.
He told his radio phone "It looks like they left a few vehicles to guard the canyon's mouth. They don't want anybody escaping. This is too weird..."
VT-459: "Target report, NA-ATs. Modified, their transmission system is on.'
Dyce: "'k, TITs out first. Remember your positions on the field. Move out!"

The third co came out of the side turret, and brought along a couple of time bombs. He slowly snuck behind the giant tank and set the bombs one at a time. He ran back to the TIT-AT and got back in. The TIs advanced and one of the NA-ATs turned in their direction.
"Exellent, the reinforcements. I'll inform General Rasco on your arrival."
"No, let us set into our directed positions first." Dyce quickly interjected. The voice hesitated, then the three NA-ATs moved out of the way.

As Dyce moved into position, he saw a huge explosion, and about fifty feet of space had been wiped out everything in it's perimises. It had destroyed 2 AO-OTs and a speeder bike rack. Soon more explosions, Dyce recognized them as router bombs.
As soon as Dyce got out of the way, the time bombs went off, causing both NA-ATs to go up in flames. However, one of the NA-ATs was still functional despite it's massive damage.
"The reinforcements are traitors! We're being attacked!"
Dyce shot a missle at the already near-destroyed vehice.
"Damn. That wasn't supposed to happen."

Then something he dreaded happened. A huge cargo ship sent down several large vehicles. They had machine guns on either side, and were incredibly fast. 'Piercers' as the Empire called them. The enemies would be dead before they would have a chance to strike back.
"Watch out guys," said Dyce. "This is gonna be a hell of a fight."

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