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True, yet this particular game claims to allow you to play on all the well known star wars locations, relive epic battles from any perspective you want. Some of the most well known space battles are the ones above the Death Stars. I think that these scenarios would fit perfectly with a Battlefront style game, especially since they are boasting about how they added space combat.

Although I'm kind of dissapointed, I understand why they won't add them, They already have plenty of maps and locations, enough to get plenty of people to buy the game. I guess it just seems to me that they arn't even attempting to go the extra mile and make the game, there just doing enough to get by, doing the stuff everyone expects and not even attempting to do the cool stuff nobody expects them to add to the game.

Of course would take a lot of creativity and extra effort. Personally I think it would be a great chance to make the game fun and unique, but then again what do I know? I'm no game designer, just a lowly wormlike consumer.

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