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Hmm, that's not how I experienced it. With Han, 1 shot (I should say "one burst" since pulling the trigger once is a two shot burst) is 1 kill. Maybe I've just got awesome aim and am making head shots, I don't know, but I basically took his gun for a one shot killer on regular infantry. He either missed or hit them and they died. Same with Fett's rifle. One burst = 1 kill.

It's sort of like the Dark Trooper's cannon in SWBF1. It seemed like a weak weapon, but if all the shots hit your target, they died. It's just that these "burst" guns require proper timing, but they all hit in the same place, so it's much easier to get all your damage on one target.

I think Fett's manuverability is an advantage over the Jedi and especially over Han Solo. Now in the context of a duel, where you are forced to kill one another and that's it, then his manuverability is just a chance for him to buy time to set up a shot. Hitting an airborne target is a lot harder than hitting a target on the ground, I'd say (without a lock-on weapon). In this sense Fett still has the advantage. Regardless of what else they're given, the ability to fly is always a huge bonus.

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