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Originally Posted by clonearcman
They should weaken the jedi and sith in the celeb. death match (if one is made) to about the fett's level IF what KTR is saying is true.
At first glance the Jedi would seem overpowered, but we should realize that they really can't block anything, UNLESS they use the block function, which means they have to stay on the ground (no jumping or sprinting) and it drains their energy meter rapidly (which means no force powers). They're restricted to close range combat for the most part (force powers come into play at mid-range though for most of them).

It also greatly depends on what restrictions (if any) they give you. For example, can you have an entire team of Greviouses vs. an entire team of Yodas? Also, it would greatly depend on the map in question.

Is CDM all humans, or can bots play? In any case, there's a lot of stuff we could wonder about. It's too bad this wasn't part of the beta test. Because up until this point every game mode has had a GOAL in mind, so 1 vs 1 "balance" really hasn't been that important. Now, it would be. Even though you're playing as a team, I imagine this opens up the possibility of 1 vs 1 matches, not just 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, etc.

It doesn't appear that any of them have to be "unlocked" and have don't know for example if certain classes use up more tickets. Or do you have limited lives? How many kills does your team need to get to win CDM?

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