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Star Wars fans know what all the planets look like, when Mygeeto and Felucia where shown in Episode 3 no-one blinked, it was the climactic part of Revenge of the Sith, or one of them, so no-one looked away.
We see people and a baby on Alderaan, we can't relate that to Battlefront, but with Mygeeto and Felucia we see a Battle going on which is something we can relate to Battlefront.
Now i know that Tatooine and Dagobah didn't have any battles on them but they are very influential planets and people will still recognise them in Battlefront, Unlike a planet like Alderaan which was shown for 10 seconds with some family scene in it.

Oh and Mygeeto and Felucia are both very different and unique planets, which is why they would have been chosen over Alderaan.

Come on, gotta be some logic there.

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