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(Okay guys, I am so very sorry for me suddenly and apparently dropping of the face of Earth. I will not do so again without warning, I promise. But let me post my stuff.)

DATAPAD ENTRY 001969.1612.2723.969100 {

SEBASTIAN VLAY[0] I have survived the first encounter with the Rebellion at the forest-like planet called Yenna. Being brought back to the Emperor's Servant, I was transformed with automated-like body parts. My body is now ugly, but I fight once more...


END ENTRY(); ..............................

The ship was dark, my eyelids opened slowly. There was a man. Lightsaber, robes. Another as well. Sebastian Vlay fell asleep again...

I rose to stand on the bridge of the vast Emperor's Servant, the Eclipse-class star dreadnaught or star destroyer. What was left of it, that is. And then, the Rebellious Jedi did it. I have died with this planet of misery. The galaxy knows me no longer. I am but a pitiful piece of dust within a treasure chest. Goodbye!

(Okay, that is it. What shall we all roleplay next? Reply soon, please.

ALSO, I would like to thank all three of you for allowing me to roleplay with you guys. You all are fantastic players in the world of role playing, and have brought out the fun within me. I appreciate all of your help and fun times. But we should not stop here. Let us roleplay some more. Please.)

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