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2 AVol: He has not "skirt", but the small thing, that DOES NOT cover front of his legs, I mean, it is smaller... I little misspelled at first... :/

2 RedHawke: I know all about modders' troubles, 'coz i've got some me-self, when was modding other games, still, I'm nope in scripting, and they were unsignificant.

KOTOR got some troubles, 'coz the game was designed for X-box (those damn Microsofters!) and even not includes a visible console... :/ But sure it is easier to mod, that, for example, Fallout! =)

2 All: Guys, I've got trouble with game - it hangs on Visas Vision cutscene, could anyone tell me, why it can be? =/ My game is full up in modules, but the .2da files not conflict, and where can I download a game-editor? PliZ post a link... 8)
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