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Originally Posted by windu6
Hmm you must be one of those people who don't want the full Star Wars experiance you want to just play a GAME. ALSO YOU MUST DON'T HAVE A BOUNDLESS MIND TO BELIEVE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.
Off Topic: GAH! Man you are really starting to tick off a lot of people here. The key is to stop while your ahead, you always seem to debate and argue everything if they have a different opinion from you, and most of the stuff you suggest can be (no offense) incredibly wierd. In another thread you posted about "A living force" being real. No. Just no. Sure there may be a dark energy but where does that give proof to being connected with a force. And i have a question: Do YOU have a boundless mind?
On Topic: I honastly think that a trench run is stupid. They made Rogue squadron for a reason. If you want one play that, a lot of suggestions popping up basically make this game a mix of 5

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