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You must be a child or teenager. Much to learn you still have.
I really think it's kind of stupid to judge people by their age, or assume that just because you don't agree with there opinions they must be some little kid. I've met plenty (o.k. one) mature 12 year olds and plenty of really immature people well over 20. I'll admit, usually older people are more mature and more intelligent but this is not always the case. What really matters is the intelligence and value of their statements, not some stupid post count or their supposed "age".

Just my personal rant on the subject, anyway back on topic. Yes the trench run is not in the game, some people don't want it in period, they say it won't fit. I recall similar complaints being made about the inclusion of space battles in general, but whatever. Some people do want it in the game, myself included. Ok but remember, they can't include every minor scuffle and skirmish from the movies, they have to draw the line somewhere and in this case the trench run was on the wrong side of the line. Like it or not the battles above the Death Stars are not in SWBF2.

But a lot of other stuff is, like hunt mode and a jedi vs clones order 66 battle, so perhaps we ought to focus more on this stuff and pick up on the Death Star battles when they actually have a chance of being added to the game.

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