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3/6/06: FINAL EDIT

Chapter Three: Reunion

“Go ahead.” Revan nods, stepping toward a massive crystalline matrix in the center of the chamber. As he moves close to it the crystal grows brighter, he lays his hand upon it and there is a flash of light.

“It’s….beyond words.”

I move toward the crystal and lay my hand next to Revan’s, as a blinding flash of white light bathes us for an instant.

“Take it.” My voice is alive with the force.

In a single motion we each remove a termination from the matrix. The cave is filled with illumination as we examine the crystals.

“They are tuned to the force inside of us. Elo-Rei-Aah, these crystals focus the Breath of Aah.”

“All the better to keep my promise then.”


“Rei-Va-Ahn, before we go back to the enclave……… I want you to have this.”

“This is……..”

“My padawan braid. You understand, better than anyone, why I am a Jedi. You know the promise I made, and you know the voice that echoes through our hearts.”



"Well done Ayri. It’s rare for one to be so precise on their first try, but this lightsaber is beautifully constructed.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Congratulations Ayri Gilar. You are now officially my padawan. So, what do you want to do first?”

“Lets go kick some Mandalorian ass!”

“Taking after her Master already.”


“General, were ready.”

“Activate on my mark……………………………”


“Rei forgive me.”


“Are you all right? Wake up General!”

“Where is Ayri?”

“I’m sorry General, her ship was destroyed.”

“Admiral Revan…….” Lieutenant Dol Rinda’s voice cackled from the com on my desk. I opened my eyes, already knowing the reason for his call.

“Revan here.” I stretch, standing to fasten my black hide cloak.

“We’ve just received a transmission from Malak sir. They have entered the system and will dock at 0600. We’re transmitting the planetary coordinates to him now.”

“Very good Lieutenant. Some of our ships are still two days off, so transmit the quarter assignments.”

“As you say Admiral. Dol Rinda out.”

Thinking to myself, I rummaged through a footlocker near the workbench. It is no small thing that she is here. I knew it would be difficult for her to leave the council, but was it selfish of me to wish she didn’t come? She is an excellent Jedi Knight…………I am glad she came. We need all the Jedi we can get, but if anything were to happen to her………

I paused, finding the custom battle robes I created for Elo-Rei-Aah. Once she showed me a holo-image of her mother, I was touched that she chose to share her hidden secret. The augmented robes were constructed to look the same, but only we would know the significance.

I put the robes in their canister and called for it to be delivered to Elora’s room.
The next few hours were spent in preparation, sending out troop assignments and monitoring the transmissions from the front lines. The Republic is ill prepared to face this threat; it will take much effort on the part of the Jedi to win against such a considerable foe.

0600 arrived and I made my way to the docking area. The freighter arrived on schedule and I was pleased to see the familiar faces. Malak headed the group spilling from the ship; following up the rear was Elo-Rei-Aah.

“It is good to see you again my friend, or should I say Admirall now?” Malak chuckled as he approached.

“Nice to see you’ve arrived in your usual spirits. Unfortunately, the business of war is at hand, and we have little time to prepare.” Malak nodded.

“Here. These are the ship rosters and mission briefs for the rest of your crew. Take care of it will you? Contact me when you’re finished and we’ll go over the battle plan.”

“Very well.” Malak led the group out of the hangar, save Elora.

It is good that you came. I’ll show you your quarters, we have a lot to talk about.

Elora simply nodded and followed me through the halls of the installation; I was surprised at her silence. The swirl of emotions around her made it difficult to sense what she was thinking, even though I had always been good at reading her.

“How was the trip from Dantooine?” I asked politely, trying to lighten the mood.

“I spent many hours in training and meditation with the others. They all look promising, but there still aren’t nearly enough of us.” Elora fell quiet again, and we walked for awhile before reaching the officer’s quarters.

“Here it is.”

“Thank you Admiral…….would you like to come in?” My personal communicator chimed as I stepped into the room.

“Go ahead.” I followed Elora with my eyes as she walked to the bed and began unpacking personal items from her robe. I recognized the holo-emitter that contained an image of her mother.

“Sir, we just received a message from the Harbinger. They are entering the system and should arrive ahead of schedule.”

“Thank you for informing me. Is there anything else?”

“No Sir. Glaner out.”

“Harbinger?” Elora eyed me with curiosity. Malak didn’t tell her?

“Your ship. You take command today, General Deral.”

“You recommended me, Admiral Revan, I am honored.”

“There is no need for formalities, Elo-Rei-Aah. I did so for obvious reasons. Your skill in the force, your understanding of tactics and technology alone would have been enough, not to mention how handy you are with a blade.” She blushed then smiled in thanks, and I removed my force mask. Setting it on the table, I began to unclip my robes.

“You were there…………” I could tell she was holding back embarrassment. Setting my robe over a chair I looked at her, busying herself inside the workbench footlocker.

“Dream sharing is common among the seers of our home-world. I wouldn’t be surprised if you started leaping into my dreams as well. Besides, we both know the latter were only possibilities. Our action will dictate the future.” Elora shrugged, but her face was somber. I gestured to the canister in the corner.

“Open it. It’s a new model I just created, and there’s something in it I want you to have.”

“ERA Serial 9 Armament Canister” she read aloud and I smiled when the holo-interface came alive. The base image was of an altered humanoid male, but it was the language that mattered.

“Neural scan commencing……..scan completed. Imprint match request.” Elora looked at me inquisitively. The interface was speaking Deralian instead of Basic.

“Match.” I stated calmly. There was a whirring from the canister and the holo-interface chimed:

“Welcome Elora Deral. Your neural patterns have been saved.” The interface powered down and the locking mechanism released, opening the canister. Elo-Rei-Aah reached in and pulled out her new battle robes.

“By Rei they look just like.... you did all this from memory?”

“I had to be sure that in keeping your promise you didn’t get yourself killed. I still need a general…..after the war.” She stood speechless for a moment, staring hard directly into my eyes.

“Revan,” Malak’s voice resounded from the com on the desk. “I’ve finished briefing the others.”

[FIC] A Jedi's Promise

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