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Guys, let's sort everything out! We need at least five characters, who are willing and ready to role-play! Not all-day-long, but someone needs to revive the forum!

Let's create a new or continue the long-existed plot!

Post a char, please, the template like:


Or any other kind of info, that you are willing to submit...

Name: Tai White
Species: Human, Caucasian (White)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Look: Long curly dark-red hair, sporty, 6 feet (180 cm) tall, green eyes, vertical scar on the left eye. Ivory skin
Class: Jedi Consular (Mage)
Weapons: Two Dual (Exar Kun style) Silver-Blade Lightsabers
Abilities: All standart Light Side Force Powers. Ability to control fire (incinerating and extinguishing) through Force
Personality: Likes to talk alot, do not likes to be like others and hates Obi-Wan Kenobi =)
Biography: Born in Naboo system, at early age was brought to Academy Yavin 4. During the Jedi training also practiced as musician (on strings), and it is his first mission, so he knows very little about real battle.

P.S. If i'll got at least few players, we will create a plot and start to rock! =)

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