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Name: Matt Kenobi
Faction: Jedi Council
Rank: Jedi Master
Equipment: Duel Purple Lightsabers, Grey Jedi Master Robes
Specialties: Lightsaber Combat, Stealth, Vitality (Health)
Weaknesses: Piloting Airborne Vehicles, Force Powers, Healing

Matt arose from the cold, hard floor and looked around. The room was dark, but he had heard something move arounbd while he was meditating. He felt the prescense of Sith. He activated his Force Camoflauge and ignited his lightsaber. He deactivated the saber's blade and crept around, looking for whatever he had heard. He turned to see a bright red light filling the room. An Assassin. It jumped around, confusing Gus. It finally landed behind him and Gus dodged the blow to his head. he jumped up and landed behind the assassin, hitting it hard with his purple blades. The assassin fell over and coughed up some blood. He moved the body outside the chamber and he walked down the landing of his room. He opened a metal door and walked into the Council Chambers, looking around, he saw Jedi of all species congragating.
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